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At Love Sub we are an independent online marketplace for subscription boxes in the UK. Our reviews are impartial and we want to give you honest, reliable opinions from real people! With a growing subscription box market and new boxes appearing all the time, it can be hard to choose which one is suited to you. We compare the most popular, and hidden gems so make sure you don’t miss out on the perfect gift for your loved one, or the ideal treat for yourself!

Subscription boxes are the perfect gift for anyone, including your pets! We have tailored sections to help you to choose, with subscription boxes for Men, Women, Teenagers and Kids!  We also separate the website to allow you to search by the interests of you or the recipient. Check out our selection of Geek Subscriptions, or the Creative collection for those quirky friends. If you like food, (and who doesn’t?) then there are some great snackboxes available delivered to your door to make it easy to avoid nibbling on the choccies in your office job! Or if you fancy brushing up on your culinary skills then try a cooking or baking subscription boxChocolate and Sweetie lovers prepare yourselves…We have boxed specially for that too! Food Subscription boxes are very popular and there are hundreds to choose from in he UK alone – I mean who wouldn’t want a cheese toastie through the letterbox right?

After experts predict the Uk subscription box market to be worth £1 billion by 2022, there really is no better time to try them out, or even start your own sub box business!

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