Underwear Subscription Boxes

Complete underwear convenience for men

There are now lots of subscription boxes for men available, including replenishing those undies without having to go shopping! 

Regular socks and undies delivered each month. After all, nobody likes a man with holes in his boxer shorts or toes popping out your socks!

Undergarments for women

Gone are the days of plain and simple lingerie. Treat yourself to chic and luxurious lingerie with a underwear subscription box.

You deserve to realise how amazing you are so embrace body positivity and be proud of your body and how you look! 

Look and feel amazing with some elegant lingerie for those nights in with your partner and enjoy some of our adult subscription boxes available on Love Sub.

There is a great range of sub boxes for tights, so never run out for work, and be prepared for those last minute ladders when getting ready for a night out with the girls!

Having glamorous underwear on definitely helps to give a real confidence boost so if  you are in need of boosting your self-esteem or maybe you want to make your partner feel extra special, a lingerie subscription box is the one for you.