Cat Subscription Boxes

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Paw-some subscription boxes to treat your furry friend

We all know our pets are intelligent, loving and like a pressie just as much as we do, so now you can buy them a pet subscription box filled with their dietary essentials, as well as exciting goodies!

With a cat subscription box, treat your feline friend to an amazing array of different items to show them just how much you love them. There are often one-off boxes to purchase for that special purr-thday, or if you really love your cat, then you can subscribe to a monthly option!

litter-ally the best way to try new brands for your cat

The cat food subscriptions are really popular and cost effective, as you would be buying this anyway. Now you can actually get excited about your cat-food delivery arriving, as it’s personalised to their dietary needs. 

Receive new toys and cat essentials at your door every month. A subscription is a great way to try out different brands; It’s the purr-fect way to find out what your kitty loves. 

Pet subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular in the subscription box world and new boxes are appearing all the time. Don’t have a cat? We have subscription boxes for dogs, rabbits and hamsters too!