Craft Subscription Boxes

Craft subscription Boxes to feed your creative soul

Craft subscription boxes are amongst the most popular categories, closely following beauty, food & book subscriptions. It’s no surprise because more and more people in the UK are looking for a new creative hobby to try out. Taking up a new craft has been proven to help with relaxation. It takes our eyes away from the screens of our televisions and mobile phones.

Traditional crafts are coming back

Sewing and embroidery are some of the traditional crafts that are becoming increasingly taken up by the youth of today. Boxes such as The Craft Club provide monthly sewing projects to get stuck into. There is also a growing number of men taking up crafts which is fantastic to see! Expect that the number of craft-based subscriptions will be one of the fastest to grow in the UK. Naturally, these tend to be some of the most well-thought-out boxes, due to the creativity of the founder behind the business.

Join a crafty community

Most craft subscription boxes are really active on social media. Platforms such as Pinterest allow the creators to get inspired, and keep the boxes fresh. Many boxes also come with an exclusive club and online community. With Facebook groups, you can join other fellow subscribers, to share your projects, make new friends and pick up some tips. There is also the opportunity to meet up with local crafters in your local community, to do the box together over a coffee and a chat.

Try something new with a craft subscription box

The chance to try a new craft every month is often the real appeal. Whilst some boxes stick to one craft, there are many that provide a new genre of creativity in each box. This ranges from candle making, calligraphy, felting, weaving and many more.

Craft subscriptions for all abilities

From absolute beginners to the most experienced crafters, there is a box to suit. Step-by-step guides mean you can’t go wrong, and the online groups offer support for when you get stuck! On many craft box websites, you can actually choose the level of difficulty, and sometimes even the craft you would like to choose each month.

Crochet Crochet Crochet!

Crochet is cool! This craft has exploded in popularity. Websites such as Etsy, allow people to sell their creations, and there is very much a trend in becoming more financially savvy. Learning to crochet opens a whole world of money-saving opportunities. The chance to make your own scarves and gloves, or children’s clothing. With a crochet subscription box, there is the chance to try a different project each month. We are sure that once you try it, you will never look back!

Craft gift subscriptions

There really isn’t a better gift for someone who loves to get creative, than a craft gift subscription box. You can surprise someone and have it delivered to their door. They are usually available as a one-off, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription. Many websites also let you personalise the box with a lovely message if you so wish. Love Sub compare all of the craft subscriptions in the UK, and review the contents inside. This will allow customers to choose the one that matches the hobbies and interests best.