Beauty Boxes

Do you love trying new beauty products? Well, now is the time to choose a beauty subscription box! This means that you will receive new makeup, skincare and beauty products straight to your door every month. Doesn’t that sound exciting? After a long week, there is nothing better than unboxing your treats. Let’s have a look at some of the great options you can choose from so you can get started today.

The ideal gift 

Beauty boxes are the perfect gift for a friend or relative. There are so many to choose from, and each has its own unique vibe, to suit each personality and preference. These beauty gift boxes are packed full of the newest products, as well as well-known and loved brands. You can usually buy a one-off box, or a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. They can then receive different products every month, which include makeup, skincare and body products.

With a beauty box, You can look forward to both samples and full-sized cosmetics. Often the box will have 3 or 4 times its value in products if you were to buy them on the high street. With a wide range of boxes on offer, there is something that everyone will love to try.

Popular Beauty Boxes UK

100’s of beauty boxes are on the market now, and new ones appear all the time. If you are looking for an established company, with a customer service team and lot’s of social media value, you might want to try one of the most popular boxes.

A few that have been around a while, such as Glossybox, and Birch Box. Join in the fun with a monthly beauty subscription! Beauty boxes collaborate with some of the most popular brands in the world and it is delivered straight to your door. You will usually receive around 4-8 fantastic items, depending on the price and premium of the box.

You might pay more money for fewer items if they are ‘high end’ and designer. Discover lots of new and on trend skincare, cosmetics and makeup products that you can enjoy in your daily beauty routine. It is always a surprise and no two boxes are ever the same. A Love Sub personal favourite is the Look Fantastic subscription box!

Personalised to you!

If you have certain preferences when it comes to beauty products, such as skincare for dry skin or products for coloured hair, then there are boxes that tailor the items to suit your needs.

Some specialised products can be expensive, so this really gives you a chance to try things before spending a fortune. Products ina beauty box, often some in travel-sizes, then, if you like them, go ahead and buy the full-size.

If you would like to receive a beauty box every month but don’t like the element of surprise, have a look at the Latest in Beauty subscription box. This gives you the freedom to choose whatever beauty products that you like.

The website is constantly updated so that every box can be different and to bring you the latest trends and products that everyone is talking about. You can select from skincare, haircare, makeup and body products; there is something that everyone will be excited to try out! Enjoy a range of well-known brands, as well as new and emerging ones that you can select. There is no other box that lets you take control like Latest in Beauty!

Vegan & Cruelty Free

If you follow a vegan lifestyle, don’t worry; we have some awesome cruelty free beauty subscription boxes that you can enjoy too! This includes the Vegan Kind Beauty Box. Try between five and nine great products every month to incorporate into your beauty routine. There are amazing brands, such as Original Source, Eden and Unicorn Cosmetics, as well as a mixture of skincare, cosmetics and other beauty treats.

The team make sure that every product that is included is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. In fact, it has never been easier to discover new and emerging vegan-friendly beauty products and no two The Vegan Kind boxes are ever the same. What an exciting start to every month! So, why not treat yourself?

Beauty subscription boxes are the best way to treat yourself and discover new brands on the market. It is easy to use the same products every day, but sometimes it is fun to shake things up and try out new brands and cosmetics!