Cocktails Subscription Boxes

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From the classic Cosmopolitan to a saucy Sangria

If you are a complete beginner, or even if you consider yourself dab hand at making cocktails, you will love discovering new, weird and wonderful recipes with a cocktail subscription box. 

Receive different mixes of rum, vodka, tequila or gin-based cocktails, in fact, a huge range of ingredient bases await! Put a twist on the classic mojito, or try something truly rare and exotic that you be surprised you haven’t heard of before.

Always wanted to have a go at making cocktails but couldn’t be bothered to collect all the ingredients? With a subscription, you don’t have to as all the items you need are packages together to make it easy and fun!

Impress your friends at the next dinner party with your new extraordinary drink creation, or host a cocktail masterclass with your nearest and dearest. New years eve house parties will never be the same again. The cocktail subscription boxes often include an insert telling you about the history and story of the cocktail and a breakdown of each ingredient inside. 

Aswell as the usual spirits and liqueurs to make the cocktail, trendy garnishes are usually included to add that extra touch.

Cocktail Making Subscription Gifts

Drinks subscription boxes have quickly become a very popular gift as they allow subscribers to discover new flavours that will blow you away and send your tastebuds wild. From cocktails to craft beers, Love Sub works with lots of different sub box brands to make sure we have what you’re looking for.

You’re always going to get something new to try and enjoy. What better way to explore new things than having them handpicked and delivered to your home. If cocktails aren’t your thing, we have other alcoholic subscription boxes for you.