Tails Subscription
Posted: March 21, 2021 by Emily Tyler
The popularity of subscription boxes is on the rise and it is like everyone receives their favourite items every month. This market is booming with new ideas and there are no subscription boxes emerging in almost every category. So, what are the most popular subscription boxes right now? Well, let’s find out. Of course, the first major question you may have is what exactly are subscription boxes? Essentially, they are a box of goodies that you subscribe to receive every month. The idea is that the company pick and send you a variety of products that they think you like. Of course, there are different options, such as receiving the subscription box more frequently or having the opportunity to choose some items that you would like. These will be delivered straight to your door so that you can enjoy them. It is all pretty straight forward. Now let’s get onto the most popular subscription boxes.

Cosmetic and Beauty Subscription boxes

Without a doubt, one of the most popular subscription boxes is for cosmetics and beauty products. Women love receiving new makeup to try out new styles that are modern and on trend, as well as take care of their skin. For example, the CC Beauty Box is popular with women wanting to try high-end beauty products. There is the opportunity to try new makeup from big brands and save money. Another big name that you will have heard about before is BirchBox. This mixes new skincare and makeup products together so when can receive a selection to their door every month. No two boxes are ever the same and there is the chance to try out new brands and products. They claim to be the number one beauty box in the UK right now, with five treats contained in each box that are personalised to your skin type and style.

Cooking Subscription Boxes

When you live a busy life, it is not always so easy to cook healthy meals. But that is where cooking subscription boxes come in. They are becoming more popular as they make it easy for people to cook after a long day. They are delivered to your door as often as you want with different recipes and all of the ingredients that you need. This is an amazing way to eat fresh and not have to go to the supermarket for all of the different ingredients that you need. It is also a fun family and couple activity in the evenings or weekends. In particular, boxes such as Hello Fresh is a lot of fun. This subscription box lets you cook healthy meals with all the recipes and meal kits ready to go. You will be able to become your own chef and avoid eating unhealthy foods. Another big name is Simply Cook. This has lots of 20 minutes recipes for you to follow and the food is handpicked and recipe kits sent to your door. This is definitely a subscription box for people out there that love to cook and try new recipes.

Snack Subscription Boxes

Of course, food is a popular type of subscription boxes and it is one of the originals. In particular, people love to receive new snacks to try every month. This can be exciting and an opportunity to try new snacks that are not so popular yet. It is also a way to try new foods from different countries. For example, a big name that a lot of people have heard of in this category is Graze Box. They are a fantastic company that let you enjoy healthy and nutritious snacks delivered to your door. They are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Not to mention, they are delicious! The subscriber also gets the opportunity to select snacks they would be happy to receive and ones they would like to avoid. Degustabox is another popular box in this category. They deliver some fun new food and drinks to try from around the world. It is an exciting new way to taste delicious foods and something to look forward to after a busy week.

Vegan Subscription Boxes

More and more people are turning vegan in the UK than ever before. This includes enjoying a meat-free diet, as well as an animal-friendly lifestyle. But it is well known that vegan food and products are harder to find in the big supermarkets and they can also be expensive. This means that more vegans are turning to subscription boxes to try new and emerging products on the market. For example, the Vegan Kind Lifestyle box is a great way to receive tasty treats and new foods to try every month. Of course, all of the products are cruelty-free and have been specially selected. In addition, the Vegan Kind Beauty is popular with women wanting to enjoy cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. There is a fantastic selection of beauty products that vegans are going to love and they are delivered straight to your door each month.

Pet Subscription Boxes

Lots of families across the UK have pets and furry friends. This has meant that dog subscription boxes have become very popular, with owners wanting to make their pup happy with new toys and speciality food every month. In particular, Tails.com is a subscription service that creates food, especially for your furry friend. This is done by selecting their characteristics and lifestyle, as well as size and breed. The food is made up and you can receive it as many times as you need. This makes sure that your dog’s dietary needs are satisfied. In addition, Dogg Treats sends owners a selection of tasty treats and toys for pooches to enjoy every month. It is a great way to find and try new products that are not always widely available in local pet stores. Of course, lots of families also have cats. Thankfully, there are also cat subscription boxes that you can enjoy. For example, the Cat Hampurr delivers some excellent goodies to your door for your cat to enjoy. This includes treats and exciting new toys. This also means you have the opportunity to save money on big brands and find products that you cannot get in your local pet store. Your cat is sure to love receiving their box every month!

Alcohol Subscription Boxes

One of the types of subscription boxes on the right is alcohol subscription boxes. Men and women are loving having fresh and different alcoholic drinks delivered to their door every month to try. There are new flavours to enjoy, as well as alcohol from around the world. A lot of the boxes are also craft drinks, which means that they are unique and everyone loves learning about microbreweries. A lot of the alcohol you cannot find in normal supermarkets and stores. For example, if you are a fan of beer, there are subscription boxes such as Beer 52. You will receive a number of bottles every month that are different and that you can enjoy at the weekends or share with friends. There are also cocktail making subscription boxes and wine subscription boxes to enjoy with meals and in the evenings.