La Gourmet Box

Luxury Food & Wine

Do you love eating good food and trying new products? Well, you will love the La Gourmet Box! This is a luxury food subscription box that lets your try new flavours from around France with every box boasting food and wine typical of a different French province. This is a one of a kind subscription box that boasts premium and luxurious gourmet items for you to try!

From: £54.00


The philosophy behind the brand of La Gourmet Box is travel and being able to experience new culinary traditions. This is delivered by having a different theme for each box from a different location around France. You can expect to receive several savoury food items in every box, as well as a bottle of wine to accompany and complement the flavours and aromas of the other products. Doesn’t this sound great? There is always a mixture so there is something to suit everyone. In addition, you can expect exclusive gourmet products that you will not find in the supermarkets! This is a great box to look forward to after a long week.

The La Gourmet Box brings the excitement back to food subscription boxes and makes sure you always have a surprise waiting for you on your doorstep. Every box is guaranteed to be different and you can look forward to trying out new brands and exclusive products that are sent to you. There are lots of subscription options you can choose from so there is always one to suit your budget. This includes paying for a La Gourmet Box subscription on a monthly basis, as well as paying for two, three or six months at a time. There are no catches and it is completely up to you what ones are easier for you to pay for.

What are you waiting for? If you love gourmet food and want to discover new tastes from France, check out the La Gourmet Box subscription!


What Can You Expect in Your La Gourmet Box?

Just as the name suggests you can expect an amazing gourmet food and wine subscription box delivered straight to your front door every month. The La Gourmet Box subscription will be a surprise since every box changes all the time. Each box takes on a character of its own and the team handpick and put together an amazing gourmet box filled with products relating to a different French province. This means that each month you will receive a different place with lots of great food and wine items to try! The food products and bottle of wine always features the finest flavours of France and boasts premium ingredients that will complement each other. This really is a food subscription box like no other!


Who is the La Gourmet Box for?

The La Gourmet Box monthly subscription is perfect for any food lovers that want to try new and premium gourmet food and wine that you would not find in the supermarkets. In particular, if you love travelling and like to discover French gourmet products, this will be the perfect box subscription for you! Men and women love to indulge in delicious savoury treats every month and relax with a glass of good wine from this subscription box. Every effort is made to have new products from a different French province in each box, which means La Gourmet Box is always fresh and exciting; no two boxes are the same. This is not like your normal food subscription box; this is special and premium!


How Will the La Gourmet Box be Sent to You?

When you sign up to the La Gourmet Box subscription, you will receive an elegant gift box through the post that will contain all of your delicious French food and wine products. They are all nicely packaged and safe and secure so everything arrives with you in one piece. A courier service will deliver your La Gourmet Box straight to your front door and it can be left in a safe place if you are not in. Every month the box that you will receive will be different, which gives you something to look forward to at the start of each week of the month – bon appetite!


Can I cancel My La Gourmet Box Subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel your La Gourmet Box subscription whenever you like if you do not enjoy the products or you feel that it is too often a delivery to suit your schedule. If you choose a one month subscription, you can cancel afterwards. However, if you have selected and paid for a two, three or six month subscription period, you will receive these boxes and then you will be able to cancel your next La Gourmet Box. It is made simple to cancel your subscription through their website and your account.