Hello Fresh

Easy Recipes & Delicious Ingredients

If you love to cook healthy meals but never know any recipes, then check out Hello Fresh! This is an amazing cooking subscription box that lets you become the chef every night for your dinner and you can serve up some delicious and healthy recipes thanks to amazing meal kits that are all ready to go.

From: £34.99


Cooking is made easy as all of the ingredients you need for a tasty meal are included in your Hello Fresh box. Everything is put into the portions you need and you can choose from amazing recipes to try from around the world. You can have a different meal every night! At Hello Fresh, all of the ingredients are sourced from reputable and quality suppliers, which means you can enjoy healthy and good food. What’s more, all of this is delivered straight to your door. Who knew cooking could be so easy and fun?

The great thing about Hello Fresh boxes is that you can choose everything that you receive. You can choose from different boxes, such as the classic box, family box with special recipes for kids and adults and the rapid box, which lets you dish up a great meal in just 20 minutes. Once you have decided on the box that you would like, you can choose how many recipes you would like per week and how many people they are for. In addition, you can let the team know if you are vegetarian. All of the recipes you receive are up to you, which means you can choose your favourites and look forward to cooking in the evening.

With Hello Fresh, preparing healthy meals can be exciting again!


What Can You Expect in Your Hello Fresh Box?

Inside your Hello Fresh box, you can expect a lot of wholesome and nutritious foods that will make a tasty and healthy dinner! All of the items are packed in a convenient meal kit that will not only make cooking simple, but it will also fit into your fridge. Everything is delivered fresh and there should be no waste. All of the recipes are calculated and the ingredients are all in correct portions before delivery. With easy to follow recipe cards, you will be able to cook up your new meals straight away.

Of course, you get to choose the recipes that you receive from Hello Fresh. There are recipes you can try from all around the world and new ones are added regularly, so make sure you keep an eye on the website and on the app. Each meal can take from 20 to 50 minutes to prepare. There you have it; dinner is solved!


Who is the Hello Fresh Subscription for?

It doesn’t matter whether you have cooking experience or not, anyone can enjoy Hello Fresh. Couples and families, as well as college students and those who are at university, can become part of the Hello Fresh fun and discover how to prepare new recipes. Plus, this is not just a meal kit that women can enjoy; men love Hello Fresh too! Since you can choose how many recipes you receive and how many people it is for, there is never any waste.

There are also recipes to suit your dietary needs. There are meals with protein, recipes suited to low calorie diets and there are also boxes that are perfect for vegetarians too. The focus is on healthy and tasty dinners that everyone can make.


How Will the Hello Fresh Box be Sent to You?

Your Hello Fresh food subscription box will be sent to you safely and securely on your selected delivery dates. Everything will be contained within a big cardboard box and your meal kit will be ready to use straight away for dinner. Any non-meat and non-dairy products will be packaged up in brown bags and for the meat and other foods that need to be kept cold, they will be packed with special cooling technology. This means that everything will be kept nice and fresh on its way to you.

In addition, you will also receive recipe cards with your healthy foods. This will have easy to follow step by step instructions that will make sure your meal is easy and simple to make, even if you don’t have any cooking experience.


Can I Cancel my Subscription?

Yes; you are free to cancel your Hello Fresh box whenever you like, there is no contract tying you down. Of course, you can decide how many recipes you receive in your box per week, so if you find that it is too much for you, you can reduce the number that are sent to you. In addition, you can pause your deliveries from Hello Fresh at any time, which means that if you go on holiday, you can resume them when you come back.