Graze Box

Healthy Snack Box

Grazebox is an exciting food subscription that allows you to discover new snacks that you can enjoy throughout the day! This great box focuses on healthy eating and the snacks you will receive are always nutritionist approved. You can expect portion-controlled and wholesome snacks, which contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Graze always makes sure it uses the best ingredients to create scrumptious snacks! How awesome does that sound?

From: £3.99


When you join Graze, you will create your very own account where you can go through foods to like and dislike them. This will allow snacks to be sent to you that you will enjoy and leaves out the ones you don’t want. In addition to telling the team what tastes that you like, you can also detail any dietary requirements that you have. With over 100 nutritionist approved snacks that you can receive, you will get a surprise delivered straight to your front door every time!

What we love about Grazebox is that you can have your tasty goodies delivered right to your door as often as you want! You can receive delicious snacks on a weekly basis, as well as bi-weekly and monthly; it is all up to you. Plus, at reasonable prices, you always feel like you get value for your money.

With Grazebox, it has never been easier to enjoy eating healthy snacks!


What Can You Expect in Your Grazebox?

Grazebox keeps it exciting for you and your snacks will change every week. From the likes and dislikes on your profile, the Graze team will handpick a snack box for you and send it straight to your door. This means you will get treats that you love, but it is still a surprise! You will be able to discover your favourites and enjoy eating healthy snacks.

There is a mixture of snack types that you can receive in your box. There are treats that are less than 150 calories, as well as snacks that focus on being a good source of protein to fuel your busy days. You can even enjoy a portion of fruit and add some more fibre in your diet, as well as get the vitamins and minerals that you need for an energy boost. Every punnet that you receive will have at least one of these badges on the packaging so you know the goodness you are receiving.

The punnets of snacks that you receive are all portion controlled, which means you can enjoy the tasty goodies guilt-free. They are all just the right size to satisfy your appetite and make sure you enjoy a nutritious snack during the day.


Who is the Grazebox for?

Grazebox is a fun and exciting subscription that will keep you guessing every week! If you are someone that enjoys tasty treats, but are looking for healthy alternatives, then this is the snack box for you to make good choices. You can stick to your goals, such as calorie and portion control, as well as adding fruit, fibre, vitamins and minerals to your diet. It is all about healthy eating at Graze, as well as enjoying delicious tasting treats. The box is also suitable for all ages and the snacks are perfect for taking to school, college or to eat in the office. In addition, men and women will love the healthy treats in this subscription box that you cannot find anywhere else!


How Will the Grazebox be Sent to you?

Your snack box subscription from Graze will be sent to you in a lovely cardboard box on your selected delivery dates. The box is designed to be just the right size to fit through your letterbox, which means you don’t have to worry about missing the postman every again; your healthy snacks will be there for you when you get home! Every snack is contained within a plastic punnet so that everything is fresh when it arrived for you and it is extremely unlikely that anything will be damaged. The snacks are just the right size to fit in your back for going to school or work.


Can I Cancel my Grazebox Subscription?

You are free to cancel your Grazebox subscription whenever you like; there is no contract tying you down. Just be sure you do cancel before your next box has been shipped. Of course, you can choose how many Grazebox deliveries you receive and how often, so you can simply change how many times you receive the box per month if it has been too much for you. For example, if you are receiving a weekly transcription box, you can change this to having just one box delivered per month. There is always a solution at Graze! In addition, if you are going on holiday, you can snooze your box until you come back so your snacks stay fresh and you can have something to look forward to when you get back.