Subscription Box Gifts

It’s often hard to decide what to get someone as a gift, especially someone who you don’t know as well, or seems to have everything! 

Instead of a bunch of flowers for mother’s day, why not go one step further and be unique with a flower subscription gift. Often they fit through the letterbox and allow the recipient to arrange their own flowers with instructions, much more fun! 

Often you end up buying the same perfume for your partner every single year, so instead of suggesting a new one and them being severely offended, treat them to a fragrance subscription box, containing a selection of different smells, and they can choose their favourite in the full size.

You can also send a subscription box gift based on their hobbies and interests, why not try a gardening subscription box. Health, Fitness and well-being boxes are also a great gift for someone who needs a bit of a boost if they are having a tough time. 

Another fantastic gift idea is a shaving club subscription. Men often complain about having to regularly spend money on this, or grow a beard that you hate, so this is one way to encourage them to get rid!

Take a look at lots of ideas for gift subscription boxes at Love Sub UK.