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  • Crate British

    British Snacks & Sweets
    From: £16.99

    We’re British and we like food, especially what’s available on the shelves of our supermarkets. You see a lot of American treats regularly in British supermarket shelves like Twinkies, Cheetos, Reeses but you can’t beat some of the British foods we have already on our small island.

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  • Degusta Box

    Tasty Snackbox
    From: £12.99

    The Degusta Box is one of the many food subscription boxes you can choose from and we think it is fabulous! This monthly box is the best way to discover new foods, flavours and brands that you like, with everything delivered straight to your front door. Plus, it is a fun and exciting way to taste new food and drinks and it gives you something to look forward to every month. Doesn’t that sound great?

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  • La Gourmet Box

    Luxury Food & Wine
    From: £54.00

    Do you love eating good food and trying new products? Well, you will love the La Gourmet Box! This is a luxury food subscription box that lets your try new flavours from around France with every box boasting food and wine typical of a different French province. This is a one of a kind subscription box that boasts premium and luxurious gourmet items for you to try!

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  • Graze Box

    Healthy Snack Box
    From: £3.99

    Grazebox is an exciting food subscription that allows you to discover new snacks that you can enjoy throughout the day! This great box focuses on healthy eating and the snacks you will receive are always nutritionist approved. You can expect portion-controlled and wholesome snacks, which contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Graze always makes sure it uses the best ingredients to create scrumptious snacks! How awesome does that sound?

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  • Primal Snack Box

    Paleo Snack Box
    From: £16.99

    It can be hard to find paleo foods in the supermarkets; but now things just got a whole lot better with the Primal Snack Box! Just as the name suggests, this is an amazing food subscription box that is suitable for anyone that follows the paleo or primal diet. Every month you can enjoy receiving bespoke hand-crafted boxes that are full of delicious paleo snacks you can dig into!

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  • My Vitamin Box

    Multivitamins with Superfoods
    From: £5.99
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  • The Vegan Kind Lifestyle

    Cruelty Free Vegan Products
    From: £13.15

    It can be hard to find a lot of vegan products in the supermarkets; but, with the Vegan Kind Lifestyle box, you don’t have to worry anymore about finding great food! This special vegan food subscription box is just what you need to satisfy your appetite and it gets delivered straight to your door every month. In fact, it has never been easier to enjoy cruelty free and delicious vegan products!

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  • The Cocoa & Roast Club

    Coffee & Artisan Chocolate
    From: £19.99
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  • Carnivore Club

    Curated Cured Artisan Meat
    From: £29.00
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  • Riverford Organic

    Seasonal Organic Recipe Boxes
    From: £11.45
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  • Bokksu

    Japanese Snacks & Teas
    From: £19.00
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  • Candy Japan

    Japanese Candy Treats
    From: £25.00

    Japanese candies have fun-to-try tastes and concepts that are unlike those from your home country. This service sends you random surprise assortments of Japanese candy, with a new box shipped every two weeks, so you’ll have a constant stream of Japanese treats to try. Candy Japan explain all the candies in an English-language newsletter along each box, so you’ll know what you are eating, how to enjoy it and any cultural significance that the items have.

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