Self Care Subscription Boxes

Mental health and wellbeing are much more understood, and the taboo is slowly disappearing. People are talking about mental and physical wellbeing, and the subscription box industry has joined the discussion. You can now buy a box that is focused on taking you away from the stresses of life as you get a much-needed monthly pick-me-up. With busy lifestyles, Self-care is so important, and the box can allow you to distract yourself from stress-triggers, and help you to relax.

If you love trying new products and taking some regular ‘me time’ then you will love a self care subscription box. Receive new makeup, skincare and beauty products straight to your door each month. Or if it’s that time of the month, treat yourself to a period and femcare box. After a long week, there is nothing better than unboxing your items and indulging in the art of self care and relaxation.

Wind down, relax and take your mind away from everyday life. It can be hard to make time to source wellbeing products, so this is a great way to try new things and see what works for you.

Every month receive a box filled with amazing items you’re bound to love. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.