Posted: February 18, 2019 by Emily Tyler
I saw this box a few months ago, and my first thought was what an absolutely genius idea! Period supplies are something we buy (reluctantly) every month, and there is absolutely nothing exciting about browsing the supermarket shelves, wondering if the two for one offer on Tampons is really what you wanna spend your money on right now. For a few extra quid a month, I can now get the necessary items without leaving the house, and ALSO a lovely box of surprises. I’m sold! I don’t know if it’s just me, but my period sometimes creeps up on me, and suddenly I realise I haven’t stocked up enough and head to the shops to panic buy sanitary items – not ideal when your cars broke down and its hammering it down – would only happen to me…The Pink Parcel now means I cannot run out, woohoo!

First Impressions

When my February box arrived in the post yesterday, I was superrr excited, and was really impressed with the inner packaging. Separating the sanitary products into ‘Musts’, ‘Wants’ & some extra pads inside a cute little drawstring bag with ‘The Eve Appeal’ featured. I hadn’t heard of the eve appeal before, so gave it a quick Google, to find they are charity for gynaecological cancer. Scary fact – 21,493  new cases of gynaecological cancer every year in the UK! Great to see Pink Parcel supporting them, love to see this kind of collaboration in a period subscription box. It would have been nice to have some more info on them in the box, as not entirely sure how their collab came about? But that’s a minor critic.


Let’s face it, this is what we are really looking for in the box. I was pleased to see a full-size body lotion by ‘Soaper Douper‘.  I tried this out and I really love this product. I suffer with Psoriasis on my elbow and knees, so I need natural products on my sensitive skin and it felt really soothing. It didn’t leave that sticky, wet feeling that a lot of products I’ve tried, so really happy with this one. The Lipstick! Oh do I love a lipstick, who doesn’t? The shade is pretty perfect for me too, so another happy find. The FULL SIZE Lipstick was by ‘Oryza‘, which isn’t a brand I am familiar with, but a quick look on their website makes me pretty pleased I have got good value for money here. Its £15.95 on their online shop, and it seems to be the shade ‘LIDO’ in this months box. Inside the box was also this DR Lipp Nipple Balm. Now I’ve never felt the need to stick anything on my nips, so I wasn’t sure what to make of this. It seemed pretty expensive too for such a small tube, but I gave it a go anyway after seeing it can actually be used on the lips! It came out quite thick and felt a bit weird at first, but I have now had it on for the last 20 mins, and my lips feel soooo soft! They were pretty dry earlier so it definitely wasn’t lying when it said it’s super moistening.  It’s 100% natural too which again is a massive bonus for me. Inside the ‘Wants’ box was also choccies (didn’t last very long), a Diamond Gold Mask by Vitamasques. I haven’t had the chance to try the mask yet, but it had really good reviews so I’m expecting good things for my Sunday night pamper. The tea was lovely, but I literally love all tea. I am also increasingly curious about this toothpaste inside by ‘Marvis‘. I tried this out and so did my husband, and we actually thought it was pretty good! At first I thought, Cinnamon?? In toothpaste? Surely Mint is enough? Apparently, it’s really big in Europe, and hard to get over here, so I enjoyed something weird and wonderful in the Pink Parcel this month.


It was really good to get a good mix of pads, panty liners/night pads etc, aswell as tampons. It was also good to see that the tampons were the pearl versions, rather than the crappy paper applicators which they could have easily gone with so save costs, so happy with that. Some of the pads came in the cute drawstring bad like I mentioned before, and it was a nice touch to go with the love heart design to tie in with Valentine’s day!

Overall thoughts.

This is my first Pink Parcel box, and it actually exceeded my expectations with the 2 full-size products, that you don’t usually see in beauty boxes that often. It would have been nice to have a little card inside with a little more info to the contents, which was quite unusual. I did see some of their previous boxes online that seemed to have a card in, so I’m guessing it might be a one-off.  That is again something minor to me, and the box definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m really interested to see what they pull out the bag in March!

Emily’s Favourites

The Body Lotion & Lipstick for me!