Posted: February 19, 2019 by Emily Tyler

Heaven has just arrived through my letterbox!

I received this box just over a week ago, and I have been holding out to write this review until I had the chance to try out all of the products. I wanted the Full Pamper Experience. Like most people, I have a very hectic working week, and the start of 2019 seems to be more hectic than ever! I have recently gone self-employed, and my routine seems to have totally gone out of the window. This includes my beauty and wellbeing routine. I swear I used to have 2 or 3 baths a week and would lather for over an hour whilst listening to a whole Ed Sheeran album, what happened? (Apart from an obvious change in my music taste). Now it’s all quick pre-meeting morning showers, and late evenings catching up on emails, whilst also trying to keep my business social media up to date. Today was busy, and I felt super tired, so I thought you know what, I am having the evening for a bit of ‘me time‘.  I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Letterbox Gifts Pamper Box, I wouldn’t have. Every woman needs this in her life!

First Impressions of the box

As I said, I had already opened the box last week, and the first obvious plus point is that it fit through my letterbox. I was out when it arrived, and luckily my 4-month-old puppy didn’t devour it. Because the outer packaging was white, it arrived pretty dusty, but as I peeled it from the outer sleeve I was loving the abstract patterned clean design.


I think the white packaging gives a really premium and calm feel, which really fits the brand and was brought through the box with white shredded tissue paper. Everything was nicely folded and packed in, which meant that it didn’t move around in the post. It can be less appealing to open a box and everything just is thrown in! The inserts were also really nice with a ‘Just For You‘ card and details of the box contents, which matches the outer packaging.


When I lifted the tissue paper, I thought yes! This is my kind of box. The products looked really expensive and being a designer, I am a little fussy when it comes to things working as a cohesive set. I will go through each item in the box below:

Caramelised milk chocolate

So my dad stole this, so, unfortunately, I cannot comment personally, but he said it was delicious! Cheers dad. Maybe I should get him a chocolate subscription box.

Rose & Patchouli Himalayan Bath Salts

This was great to see in the pamper box, as I have Psoriasis, and bath salts are really great for me and my skincare. They smelt great, and there is enough to last me for a few more baths, as they seemed to do the job with a small amount.

Chamomile & Honey Bath Truffles

I was really impressed with this product. The first reason being that the label read ‘100% natural ingredients’. There is a real movement towards using more natural beauty products, and it does add to the feeling of a relaxing pamper session when you know they are kind to your skin. The second reason being that cute grey hessian bag they came in. I love something you can keep in a box, and I will use this to store some of my jewellery when I travel around. Last but not least, the pretty love heart shape…well it is Valentines month after all.

Lavender & Chamomile Body Oil

This was my absolute favourite of the while box. My skin feels so soft after using this and smells really good, to the point my husband commented how good it smelt! I also hardly used any, so it will definitely last me a while. I noticed the manufacturer was ‘Sheffield Skincare‘, being a northerner that appealed to me, I am a big fan of using British Suppliers. Again, the 100% Natural Ingredients was a big bonus. I would buy this as a product on its own it’s that good.

8 Hour Relaxation Tealights

I’m not sure which item in the box gave the box its gorgeous smell that hit me when I opening it, but these candles probably had something to do with it. Really nice candles, not flimsy at all and came in a solid glass holder, not plastic! I thought the packaging was really pretty too. I had a search for ‘the natural candle company’ but couldn’t find much, so wonder how I would buy these again, They would make a nice gift on their own. (My Actual Bath Scene) Pros:
  • Premium Products
  • Really nice gift (even to yourself!)
  • Nice Packaging
  • You know what you’re going to get.
  • Fits in the letterbox!
  • Quick delivery.
  • White label products rather than commercial brands – but they do note the manufacturer on which is nice.
  • More expensive than some other boxes, but I think well worth it.

Emily’s Favourites

The bath salts and body oil.