Posted: May 4, 2019 by Emily Tyler

First Impressions

My first delivery of Fresh Face Club has arrived! On opening the well-packaged box, inside I found a face wash and moisturiser in smart sleek dark containers. This certainly felt more masculine than some of the high street brands I’ve used in the past. Also inside were simple, useful instructions and tips along with a loyalty card (Which I felt was a rare and welcome touch).

The Packaging

One thing that my wife mentioned was that she felt the packaging could have been a little more premium such as a black box. The bottle designs look great and the black tissue paper workers, but maybe the cardboard box that had been bashed around in the post could have had an inner box with more of a design to it. That said, I didn’t mind as it is more about the products inside, and I appreciate that extra box is probably waste packaging in this case.

Fresh Face Routine

So next morning I set about my daily habituals, brushing my teeth before jumping in the shower. My usual skincare routine would be to use a standard high street moisturiser after my morning shower. On occasion, I would use a face wash, but if I’m honest, I have never followed a religious routine for my skin care. I used the face wash in the shower and have to say it definitely made my face feel fresh! It had a slight but subtle, pleasant aroma and I felt a slight tingle which I guess meant something was happening! The bottle was very easy to decant, so defiantly fit for purpose.

The Moisturiser

Onto the moisturiser; the container was glass and felt very substantial (especially compared to my usual brand). This had a very pleasant smell, again subtle but I wouldn’t like anything overpowering so all good! Sometimes my skin can be left feeling a little greasy with some moisturisers I’ve used; but happy to report it absorbed very well and left my face feeling fresh. My job means I attend a lot of client meetings, and I’m out on the road a lot; so it’s important to me my face doesn’t become too greasy/too dry or looks tired throughout the day. Again very happy with the result that my skin felt at it’s best!

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using the products daily for nearly 2 weeks now and I’m very pleased with how my skin in looking/feeling. Defiantly feels more premium than anything I’ve tried that’s available on the high street and with regular deliveries direct to my door I’m looking forward to a hassle-free, simple skin care routine! I don’t think there are enough subscription boxes available for men compared to those aimed at women, so I’m happy to see this new box appear. I will definitely be recommending this one. For £24.99 every 2 months its well worth every penny for the quality and convenience of the products inside. If someone bought this for me as a gift I’d be very happy with it, but what man wouldn’t buy this for himself? I have found some sub boxes a little gimmicky, but this one is just straight to the point, nice skincare products, replaced when I need them.