Posted: May 15, 2019 by Emily Tyler

Everyone loves snacks as much as me, right?

I’ve always been a snacker. I’m not sure if it’s sitting at a desk all day and my need to fidget, or my general sweet tooth, but I just love nibbling on those little snacks! I’m a healthy weight and generally eat pretty well, but I’d say we eat far too much chocolate than we really should in our house (oops). We have occasionally picked something different off the shelf ‘just to try’ – but mostly stick to the same old (not very healthy) chocolate bars and crisps. I do always think to myself, supermarkets are HUGE and have thousands of varieties and brands, but yet we tend to keep to our usual treats. I suppose it’s the fear of spending money on something you won’t like then regretting the decision. Degusta Box has provided a solution, yay! It’s no surprise that snack box subscriptions are so popular, for the amount that people generally spend on the types of food products inside, the value for money is a no brainer. I’ll delve into the treats I found inside my April box below, and exactly what I thought of them.

First Impressions

The box arrived branded with their recognisable green logo down the side, so I knew straight away it was my Degusta Box. I opened it mid-morning, so I was pretty peckish, and didn’t hold back on getting it open in what must be parcel-opening Guinness world record time. The first thing I saw, right on top of the pile of heaven was a box of my absolute favourite cereal – Cheerios! I suddenly thought, have they somehow managed to hack into my life and find out exactly what I like, and send me my own personalised box? It’s magic! Unfortunately not, however, this was a good start.


I unpacked the rest of the items and laid them out so I could see what I had, and which I would eat right away – why wait 😉 There was quite a variety of different foods, and there was a really nice mix of popular brands, and less-known brands. I do buy into the large corporations (like most of us do) but I love supporting some of the smaller companies too, so this was great. Snack-wise, there was ‘Not Guilty Bites‘ by the Skinny Food Co. I have to admit, these weren’t my favourite, but they are much better for you than the usual alternatives, so I can see the appeal for other people. The box also had a packet of hand cooked crisps from London Flavours. I don’t eat meat, so when I saw the ‘Sticky Ribs‘ flavour, I thought I might not be able to enjoy this snack, but then I noticed the ‘Vegan‘ mark on the front of the packet, so I tucked straight in! They were the nicest crisps I have tasted, really full of flavour. I would buy these again in a heartbeat.

BBQ delights

I didn’t try the corn snacks from a company called Love Corn, as my husband insisted on having those, but he gave great reviews! They were smoked BBQ flavour, yum! Speaking of BBQ, it seems that Degusta Box had really thought about items that go together, as this fit with the Smokey rib crisps and the amazing BBQ sauce that I wish I had discovered years ago. I have already bought a second bottle of this because it was on offer, and it was so good. Tasty Tip: Mozzarella bites with this sauce is just the best thing EVER.

Handy lunches

I eat quite a lot of soup for quick and easy lunches, so I was happy to see Heinz cream of tomato soup. It was also in a convenient, recyclable, microwaveable container which is handy for when you are on the go. I was also pleased with the organic Heinz beans, as I love beans on toast! I have actually never tried the organic beans before, and I couldn’t taste much difference between these and regular beans, so I would probably buy these again due to the health benefits.

Now onto the drinks.

In this month’s box there was a premium bottle of Robinsons Pressed Pear & Elderflower cordial. I love elderflower and often mix it with my gin and tonic, so I thought I would love this. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t taste bad at all, it just didn’t taste of much. The flavour seemed to be quite mild, so I had to put quite a lot in to get any real flavour. It was nice to try something different but wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one. What I would recommend, was the little grab and go Cracker Drinks Co. juice drink in Mango and Passionfruit flavour. SO refreshing! I believe they do a full-size version of this so I’ll be getting that. The other drink product inside was the Typhoo Black tea bags. I have enjoyed a few cups of this, but generally, I drink green tea. Green tea wouldn’t be appealing to the masses though as not everyone likes funky tea. I do keep the tea bags stocked up for when my mum visits though, so I have saved on the tea bags in our next shop. My Top Pick These! So, with my box of Cheerio’s.  Heinz beans, soup, teabags and cordial, I’d already broken even on the whole box, as I would have bought these items anyway. The rest of the box was then a total delicious bonus. The only product I avoided was the Slim Rice Sushi. I am sure it’s fabulous for those who like sushi, but I have tried sushi more times than I would like to admit, and been defeated by my tongue each time. Yuk! Having never really thought about a snack subscription box before, I will leave you with these final conclusions.
  1. Subscribing to Degusta Box not only saves you some money on products you are already likely to buy, but it also lets you try snacks you would never pick off the shelves, and like them!
  2. You are now much more likely to swap the choccies for something a little healthier.
  3. It’s nice to give yourself a gift.
  4. Vegan snacks taste really good.
  5. It’s good to pay more attention to the supermarket shelves as there are actually some pretty cool independent food brands out there.

Box contents

  • Robinsons Pear & Elderflower Cordial
  • Typhoo Black Tea
  • Heinz Organic Beans
  • Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup
  • Cheerio’s!
  • Wild Strawberry Candy Kittens
  • Bulls-Eye NY Steakhouse BBQ Sauce
  • Love Corn Smoked BBQ snacks
  • Pachamama Andean Berry & Raspberry Energy Bar
  • Eat Water Slim Sushi
  • Skinny Food Milk Chocolate Crispies
  • Mango & Passionfruit Juice from Cracker Drinks Co.