Period & Femcare Subscription Boxes

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Essential items plus lovely treats!

Subscription boxes where the core item is something you already buy is a guaranteed win. This is exactly the case with period subscription boxes. Love Sub has listed the best femcare products, mixed into a box with other lovely items.  Some of them contain natural and organic beauty products along with sweet treats and pick-me-ups. View our list of boxes containing period supplies and feminine care products.

That time of the month can be an uncomfortable, bloated time where you feel rubbish. Treat yourself to one of our period and femcare subscription boxes and feel a million times better. 

Femcare products delivered monthly

You’ll get the best period products to try out and some treats to make you feel less like a zombie and more like the queen you are. It’s difficult to find those products that work for you and make you feel better while struggling through the day. A period subscription box has it all sorted out for you.

Get your period and femcare subscription box today. The perfect gift for women and girls. If you’re feeling extra sensitive to the world, try our chocolate subscription boxes to make you feel better.